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Edilcol renews and doubles the line of small packages for the retail market and for the “do it yourself”

Sensitive to the demands of customers and consumers, Edilcol has recently renewed its line of polythene bags that now, in addition to more than doubling capacity, offering the possibility to choose between different sizes and materials even more practical, attractive and sustainable.

Thanks to this strategy, the company, in addition to strengthening its offering for the “private labels” also opens decisively to the “DIY market” and to the large-scale retail trade.

New commercial agreements for Edilcol in Canada and Lebanon.

In the wake of the great interest aroused by the innovative Photocatalytic paint PF10 in the North American market, Edilcol started an important partnership for the distribution of Edilcol Photocatalytic line in the province of Quebec, which is particularly sensitive to the problems related to the environment and its safety, as starting point for the entire Canadian market.
Simultaneously, the basis for the creation of new distribution agreements on the Lebanese market have been laid after a period of stagnation, concerning besides to the Photocatalytic line, mostly adhesives, sealants and waterproofing products.